The Best Golf Items To Improve Your Game

The Best Golf Items To Improve Your Game

If you play golf, looking for new gear should be on your winter checklist. So here are our best golf items that will help improve your game.

With the PGA all set to swing through Hawaii as golfers return from their break, it is the perfect time for players to start looking at new equipment for this year.

Every golfer will differ in their opinion of what items are indispensable but it is always a safe bet to invest in some new clubs, several sleeves of new balls, and maybe some new clothes.

While clothing is all about personal comfort, clubs and balls can be objectively compared.

The following are some of the best golf items that can really help improve all but the best golfer’s games.

The Best Golf Items

New clubs are always a great investment because they are the pieces of equipment that will be used the most when you play a round.

While buying a driver is always tempting, most golfers will get better value and productivity by getting a new set of fairway woods or a sleek new set of irons.

What Are The Best Fairway Woods?

A good fairway wood is important for helping shorten the short game. Here are a few options that will help get the ball far down the fairway where you want it:

1. Titleist 915 Series

These come in two versions, the F variant for golfers with the lowest handicaps and the Fd variant for the more average golfer. Features adjustable lofts with a fairly large sweet spot.

2. TaylorMade M3 Series

Comes with adjustable 15, 17 and 19 lofts. Carbon composite panels bring the center of gravity forward and low reducing spin as well as having the ability to be set to promote fade and draw.

3. PXG 0341X Series

High-end carbon fiber construction lowers the center of gravity promoting less spin. Titanium and Tungsten screws adjust the weight to achieve the desired draw and fade.

What Are The Best Irons?

With these being the most used clubs in a golfer’s bag it is important to have a great set. Here are a few of the best new options for this year:

1. Mizuno MP-18 Series

Carbon steel designed 3-PW with a sleek design. This club is perfect for anyone with a low handicap. Low ball flight yet provides excellent distance.

2. Cleveland Launch CBX Series

Offers value for money and their 4-PW clubs are designed for the mid to higher handicapped golfer. Consistent great feel helps provide an average 8-10 yard improvement in distance.

3. Calloway Rogue Series

5-PW offers faster launch speed with more spin. Three variations providing varying amounts of spin. Great club for average golfers on a budget.

You Have To Have Some Balls

You can’t play around without balls and choosing a brand always requires accounting for all the balls you expect to lose while factoring how much they will improve your game.

There are a few different options available:

1. TaylorMade Project A

Designed to improve spin in the short game while adding distance to the long game. It’s extremely durable, which makes it one of the affordable options around.

2. Bridgestone B330-S

Tiger Woods has used this ball as it offers accuracy and distance. It’s designed to improve spin and deliver good speed. Maybe the best all-around option.

3. Titleist Pro V1/x

This is one of the best balls on the market. Its soft feel and highly durable design provide more distance, lower spin, and a more consistent flight. It’s designed for the pro and high amateur golfer.

With the golf season about to begin, the time is right to start looking for the best golf items to help improve your game.

Part of the fun is getting to test new equipment, so take advantage of the beginning of the year to try new gear!

Remember, regardless of the golf equipment you use, in the end, you’ll reap all the health benefits of playing golf.

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