Best Fitness Gifts You Could Give To A Fitness Enthusiast

Best Fitness Gifts You Could Give To A Fitness Enthusiast

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your fitness-y friend, or if you simply want to create a wishlist but you’re not sure which fitness accessories to add, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the best birthday gifts you could give to a fitness enthusiast.

7 Best Fitness Gifts

1. Yoga Mat

This doesn’t need to be a fitness gift for yogis only. Anyone who is into exercising can benefit from a yoga mat, either to perform the stretching after a strenuous workout, or just to take it with them on to Pilates or aerobics class.

2. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle can be a godsend. If you choose a BPA-free bottle, your gift receiver will love you forever. They are practical and easy to carry around, and they’re a lot better than drinking straight from a fountain. You can find bottles that are very sturdy, which keep water cool, and which have really great designs.

3. Foam Roller

This particular item is best known to runners, who use it as a sort of personal massage therapist after every long run. This fitness gift is useful, however, to anyone who uses a gym, whether they are serious weight lifters or cardio enthusiasts. You can use this to massage the parts of your body where it would be difficult to reach properly with your palms and be effective, such as your hamstrings and your IT band.

4. Moisture-Wicking Socks

Choosing moisture-wicking socks as a fitness gift is really easy. Most of them are very elastic, and you don’t need to know the exact size to buy since they come is two or three very loosely-defined sizes. They are really useful to gym-goers because they help the feet breathe, and of course they help reduce the risk of having smelly sneakers.

5. Fitness  Watch

This fitness gift would make a grown woman squeak if you choose it right. Most fitness watches have an option that tracks your heart rate, and uses that to calculate how many calories you have burned in your workout. It also shows you how much time you’ve been working out, and some even have a stopwatch function.

6. Interval Trainer

There are several brands out there which can help fitness enthusiasts time their interval trainings. Since they can be used by runners, cyclists, and even weight lifters, this would be an excellent fitness gift. It’s an accessory that can act as a coach, and you can set a timer and have it vibrate or beep when the time is up, and that way it can show you that you should switch up your exercise.

7. Blender

Anyone who is into fitness is probably well-aware of how their diet can help improve both their overall health and their fitness results. So a blender is a must when it comes to fitness gifts. You can buy a personal blender, which is smaller, and which usually has jars that can double as travel cups, to make a quick smoothie and have it on the go.

What are the perfect fitness gifts you would like to receive? Share your wishlist in the comments below- who knows, maybe your friends can see it. 😉

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