The Only Full-Body Fat-Loss Workout You Need To Get Lean

Maybe you didn’t realize, but the machines in your gym are specially placed to provide you a “circuit”. In this circuit, you only move from machine to machine and perform a certain number of repetitions, then start over. This kind of fat-loss workout doesn’t keep you challenged enough.

Here’s another circuit, a better one, a full-body fat-loss workout that helps you build muscle and burn calories, while keeping your body challenged for the long term. It involves free weights, so you will build strength too.

Workout Timing For Fat Burning

Here is how to structure your workout for best results:

Exercise 1

Perform 4 sets of 6 reps with 90 seconds rest in between sets.

Exercises 2 – 5

Choose a pair of dumbbells with a reasonable load and use them for each exercise. Perform 6 reps for each exercise, rest for 90 seconds, then repeat this set until you complete 4 sets.

Exercises 6 – 9

Adjust your weights and equipment as needed, and perform 6 reps for each exercise, rest for 90 seconds, then repeat this set until you complete 4 sets.

If you want to repeat the fat-loss workout one or two more times, keep the first 5 exercises the same, but change the number of sets and reps you perform on the exercises 6 – 9 as follows:

  • First fat-loss workout has 4 sets x 6 reps;
  • Second fat-loss workout has 3 sets x 10 reps;
  • The last fat-loss workout has 2 sets x 16 reps.

This circuit will help you to challenge your muscles for the long term.

Fat-Loss Workout Moves

Here are the exercises you’ll need to perform:

1. Swiss Ball Plank Circle

2. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3. Alternating Dumbbell Row

4. Dumbbell High Pull

5. Front Squat To Press

6. Snatch-Grip Rack Deadlift

7. Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press

8. Dumbbell Lunge

9. Inverted Row

If you like this workout, share it with your friends, so we can make more stuff like this in the future. To speed up your weight loss process, combine this fat-burning workout with The Abs Diet. Stay fit!

Full-Body Fat-Loss Workout

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