A Closer Look At The Best Essential Oils For Health

A Closer Look At The Best Essential Oils For Health

For many centuries, essential oils have been used for medical purposes. So here are six of the best essential oils to improve your health.

The fact that the essential oils have been able to stand the test of time is a testament to something good about the oils.

One thing many people don’t know is conventional drugs are causing about 783,936 deaths every year in the US. This has made it the number one cause of death, and this is according to natural medicine expert Dr. Axe. This number is higher than cancer and cardiovascular complications.

You don’t have to be one of these statistics, just try out some of the best essential oils for your health.

Essential oils are extracted naturally from plants and seeds, and have been found to have emotional, physical, and psychological benefits to a person’s health – and it does this without any side effects.

Most of the essential oils usually have a pleasant aroma that can have a lot of positive effect on your love life. Some have antidepressants properties that can help to calm your mind.

They are exceptionally easy to use. They can be mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the skin, or you can use a diffuser. You can visit this website to buy a scent diffuser.

The Best Essential Oils For Your Health

Below are the six most common and best essential oils you can get from the local supplier:

1. Chamomile Oil

Skin diseases are very stubborn. Of all the medical profession today, dermatology is the most profitable. It is hard for people to die from such conditions, but they keep coming back.

Chamomile essential oil is great when it comes to getting rid of skin blemishes, inflammation, and acne. You can also mix chamomile oil with coconut oil then use it in lessening the effects of diaper rash in children.

Why has the suicide rate in the US been growing rapidly? Stress is the main cause.

Chamomile works great in relieving stress. When you feel like you are at a low point, vaporize the oil then see your mood instantly boosted. It will also help you when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to pop pills before going to bed.

2. Peppermint Oil

There was a research done by Dr. William Denver from the University of Cincinnati that showed the used of peppermint led to increased alertness by 30%. This means using it can help you stay alert during your classes.

Add a few drops to water, then start seeing your mind getting rejuvenated and refreshed.

Peppermint oils can also help to streamline your digestive system. Take the oil to the bathroom, and you will come out with an alert mind and your body performing at its best.

3. Frankincense Oil

Some people have linked this oil to spiritual awakening. This oil has been mentioned in the bible, which shows that frankincense has been around for over 2,000 years.

Putting religion aside, this oil has a relaxing aroma. It is commonly used in the East before meditation and yoga sessions. It is effective in reducing stress and repressions, and also increasing spiritual awareness.

Frankincense oil can be used as an antiseptic that can be applied to insect bites and minor cuts, which will help them heal better.

4. Lavender Oil

The oils are extracted from the flowers of lavender plants. Lavender oil has a very pleasant smell, and this explains why air fresheners have the aroma.

What many people don’t know about lavender is it has antiseptic properties. It works on bruises and cuts. Take a piece of cotton wool then dab lavender on bruises, wounds, cuts, and any other skin irritation you might be having.

Lavender is one of the best essential oils because it can help in relaxation. Add a few drops to your pillow, and you will have a good night’s sleep. To increase the calming effect, add it to your bathwater.

5. Tea Tree Oil

This is another common essential oil. It is native to Australia and is effective in treating skin fungal infections. Having smelly feet is one of the most embarrassing things, and this is usually caused by conditions like food athletics. With tea tree oil, you can deal with the problem of smelly feet.

Tea tree oil is also a good option for dealing with fungal infections on the skin. It is an ingredient in making a natural shampoo that helps in getting rid of dandruff and soothing itchiness in the scalp. Mix the oil with aloe vera extracts so you can get an amazing skin ointment that can be used in treating acne and skin blemishes.

6. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is effective in clearing chest and nasal congestion and sinuses because it is a natural lozenge. It is also great for people who have allergies hampering proper breathing and those prone to colds.

Eucalyptus has antibacterial properties, making it a great immunity booster. The best way to use this oil is by vaporizing. Applying the oil on the skin directly before diluting can result in irritation. It should not be swallowed on consumed.

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