Combine Exercise With A Balanced Diet To Lose Weight Faster

Combine Exercise With A Balanced Diet To Lose Weight Faster

The internet is full of weight loss exercises and workout programs. But the truth is, you can’t get slim just by working out. A balanced diet should also go hand in hand with exercise.

Have you tried several types of exercise routines, or classes to help lose weight without experiencing results?

While it’s critical to activate the body through consistent workouts, you will not achieve your weight loss goals without a healthy diet.

Doctors and professionals alike agree that nutrition is fundamental towards weight loss, and that hours in the gym spent towards working off an unhealthy diet is not enough to produce weight loss results.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should always consider a balanced diet to accompany your exercise routine.

Combine Exercise With A Balanced Diet To Lose Weight Faster

Exercise Goes Hand In Hand With A Balanced Diet

You should combine exercise with a balanced diet to…

1. Achieve Balance

A common misconception about dieting is that it’s always extreme.

Because of the overwhelming products and dieting plans that are extremely restrictive, it’s easy to assume that a healthy diet means giving up all the foods that we love.

A healthy diet encourages balance, not complete elimination or starvation. The goal is to eat less of certain types of foods and include options from all food groups.

There’s a difference between having sweets and fatty foods occasionally and having them every day.

A balanced diet will not only make you feel healthier, but will also allow you to lose more weight because you are achieving nutrients from an eclectic group of foods and not just what your body is used to.

2. Increase Productivity

Just like a machine, your body needs fuel to run efficiently. Your car can’t move without gas, and the same goes for your body.

Despite exercise, your body cannot fuel up properly without the nutrients it needs.

A more efficient body is better able to handle the foods you put into it and function during exercise, which will ultimately result in weight loss and an overall increase in productivity.

A 2012 study by Population Health Management determined that an unbalanced diet increases the risk of productivity loss by 66%, Huffington Post writes.

You might assume that just because you exercise means that you’re giving your body the energy it needs to fight fatigue, but an unhealthy diet will affect your body’s functionality.

3. Boost Metabolism

Despite the popular belief that protein is only intended to build muscle mass and increase weight, this is the one of the most crucial nutrients for weight loss.

Eating protein at 30% of your caloric intake will boost metabolism by 100 calories a day, which makes the body eat a significantly smaller amount of calories daily.

For those who rely on difficult exercise to squash cravings, protein mediates appetite-inducing hormones such as ghrelin, so eating protein will decrease your desire to snack.

One simple way to integrate protein into your diet is during breakfast. Substitute a carb heavy meal or yogurt with a side of scrambled eggs.

Studies prove that those who eat high-protein breakfast will be less hungry throughout the day and cave into less cravings.

4. Feel Full

If you’re under the assumption that the “healthy food substitutes” you are ingesting are guaranteed to instigate weight loss, think again.

Most foods that are marketed as healthy actually are made of processed chemicals, which are counteractive to weight loss and will affect your body weight tremendously.

Avoid things marketed as healthy or food substitutes and instead try to incorporate natural and organic choices into your balanced diet such as fruits and vegetables.

These foods will boost your energy, metabolism, and productivity much more than deceptive snack bars or high sugar yogurts.

Try combining organic foods to make a filling and nutritious salad with protein.

By filling yourself up with nutrients, you’re not only less likely to give into cravings later, but your body will become used to actual healthy foods and adjust accordingly by slimming your weight.

5. Realistically Lose Weight

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is incomplete without exercise. But for weight loss specifically, a lack of nutrition will completely hinder your weight loss goals.

Consider altering your diet with nutrient rich foods and protein to finally get the results you’ve always longed for.

If you’re looking for great food and meal suggestions, learn how to lose weight with an intermittent fasting guide.

Once you start to see the amazing results of your balanced diet, you will never go back to unmonitored eating again.

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