8 Awesome Leggings That Will Change Your Workout Game Forever

8 Awesome Leggings That Will Change Your Workout Game Forever

Getting those awesome leggings you feel and look good in is not an easy task. That’s why we’ve compiled this list with 8 best gym leggings.

Every girl knows that finding the perfect pair of leggings can be hard. Even if it fits good you know that it has to be squat proof, without camel toe and of course no underwear on show.

When you consider getting a new pair of legging you should know their purpose. Are they for casual wear, just to throw on on a lazy day, or for your daily workouts?

Because your gym leggings should be a different quality and more durable than the casual leggings.

So if you are ready to get yourself new gym leggings then you are definitely in the right place.

From high waisted to colorful and lots of prints, you will definitely find here your new favorite pair of leggings.

Awesome Leggings You’ll Love

In this list, you will find those awesome leggings you can count on.

This means that you won’t flash anyone at the gym because they are definitely not sheer, they won’t ride down and will fit perfectly.

These are, of course, things you should consider when buying your workout leggings. But they have to look good too, right?

1. Zaful Sports Leggings

Awesome Leggings - Zaful Sports Leggings

Zaful Sports Leggings

If you want simplicity, but quality and comfort, then these sports leggings are your best choice.

They’re mid-waist, with nice back seam lines for a highlighted and lifted butt.

And the best part is they’re so cheap (under $25), you’ll want to get 7 pairs – one for each running day. Because yes, these leggings are great for an outdoor activity like jogging or running.

2. Brooks Go-To Tights

With these leggings, you don’t have to stop running when it gets colder outside. They are the perfect leggings for the cold weather.

This is a must-have in your closet to make sure you will keep running even when the weather is not favorable.

The pockets on the sides and on the waistband are definitely a big plus when it comes to choosing these leggings. Because you can’t work out without your little assistant, right?! I’m talking about your phone 🙂

The price is fair for a pair of high-quality leggings: about $60.

3. Adidas Wrap Knit Tights

This will be your favorite high waisted pair of leggings. Maybe you will find it a bit revealing because of that side ventilation, but you should give it a try.

They are perfect for any activity and you will definitely get a lot of compliments wearing these awesome leggings.

Just so you know, the price is a little bit high: $100.

4. Ultracor’s Ultramesh Silk Gradient Leggings

These are the most awesome leggings for yoga.

The laser cut pixelation on the side is definitely something you won’t see on every yoga leggings. And the gradient color will make everyone jealous.

But these awesome leggings aren’t just for the design. They’re also very comfortable.

They would definitely be my favorite yoga pants if the price wouldn’t be so exaggerated ($190).

5. Endeavor Athletic Eclipse Legging

If you are a very active person these leggings won’t let you down.

They are very comfortable, high waisted and, it might sound unbelievable, but on this grey color, sweat doesn’t show.

So next time when you are doing a HIIT session at the gym, these awesome leggings will be your best friend.

The price is $88, which I found a little bit high.

6. Liquido Patterned Leggings

These leggings are not for everyone. Some people can find them a bit too bold to wear. And that’s because of their intense colors.

But if you get these leggings you will own the most comfortable and softest fabric ever. This is how awesome leggings should look like.

The price varies from $60 to $100, depending on the colors and patterns.

7. Second Skin Leggings

Looking at these leggings you can say they are not like everyday gym pants. You just have to try them and you will fall in love instantly.

They are comfortable, give you a cool sensation, and your outfit won’t be boring at all if you’d wear these awesome leggings in the gym.

Also, they are really breathable, which will help you work out without any unnecessary distractions.

Don’t let the awesome design fool you; these leggings are not expensive at all. In fact, they’re some of the cheapest, but high quality, leggings you’ve ever seen (under $30).

8.  Sweaty Betty Power Leggings

This will be your perfect pair of leggings for your high-intensity training (and not only).

They are high waisted and super stretchy, which makes these leggings fit perfectly on your legs and waist.

These are some awesome leggings and you will feel great in them. The strings in the waistline are perfect to shrink the waist in and give you that hourglass figure.

Also, they have carefully placed seams to give the illusion of a bigger, perkier rear.

The ugly part is that they’re not cheap at all. The price is somewhere around $135.

I’m sure that this list with awesome leggings will help you find your new favorite ones. Any of them will make you stand out and this can motivate you to push yourself even harder at the gym.

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