Atkins Diet Helped Kim Kardashian To Lose Weight

Atkins Diet Helped Kim Kardashian To Lose Weight

Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Story

She recovered her life after two failed marriages. She has a daughter with American rapper Kanye West, named North, who was born in mid-June. We can say without reservation that at only 33 years old, Kim loves life and its challenges. And that’s not all! She’s a winner even when it comes to diet. In just six months after giving birth, the beautiful brunette spectacular managed to lose no more, no less than 44 pounds. What diet kept the star to lose so much weight?

Find out how Kim Kardashian lost weight after birth!

Birth of her daughter came as a blessing for Kim. Relationship with Kanye became stronger, and the idea of marriage appeared immediate. The star was even proposed to her birthday, just months after giving birth. For now, do not know when and where will be the main event, but sources close to the two stars said they would like a unique wedding in Las Vegas, in a small frame, as far as prying eyes of the press.

A Birth Changes Priorities

Shortly after she got pregnant, Kim began to pay more attention to the hours of rest and food. It was not easy, because before becoming a mother, used to spend up late, losing nights. So doctors have advised Kim to consider a balanced program of rest and healthy eating. However, the star lost for a battle with food cravings, gaining 44 pounds during pregnancy.

Diva Lost Weight With The Atkins Diet …

Immediately after birth, Kim Kardashian was seriously starting on weight loss. So she followed the well known diet of doctor Robert Atkins. “Kim wanted to be a healthy mom. While breastfed, consumed an adequate number of calories to maintain her health and continue to have milk, “explained the doctor. Atkins diet assumed a high intake of protein, avoid carbs as much as possible (first substances are involved in the combustion process, becoming the source of energy).

Once removed from the diet, the body begins to burn only proteins to create energy. Thus, adipose tissue deposits occurring after excess carbohydrates begin to melt slowly and the body begins to return to normal forms. “Although it was very hard at first, I can say that now I love this diet. The loss of 44 pounds was the biggest challenge of my life. I am proud that I succeeded, “Kim confessed in an interview.

Beautiful Kim also revealed she was delighted with a lot of foods rich in lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, seafood), healthy fats such as nuts and avocados, more fruits and vegetables and cheese. “For example, for breakfast I used to eat a serving of two eggs scrambled with cheese and spinach, for lunch a grilled fish with sauteed asparagus and a salad, in the evening again eat turkey breast with lettuce and Greek yogurt dressing, ” told Kim Kardashian. “She wanted to be a healthy mom. Don’t want to poison their milk due to diet or lose weight too fast. So we chose Atkins diet, “said one of the representatives of slimming center.

… But Using Pilates Exercises Too

As you know, any diet does not work fully unless it is accompanied by well-established exercises. Kim Kardashian expected to recover after birth and then followed a program of Pilates Plus, getting to play sports even one hour per day. “I did more cardio, besides regular Pilates exercises. They helped me to burn body fat and get rid of about 1,000 calories per hour”, revealed the voluptuous Kim Kardashian.

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