Alkaline Diet | Acidic And Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Diet | Acidic And Alkaline Foods

Gastric hyperacidity is one of the most common medical conditions.

Furthermore, metabolic acidosis is said to be the basis of all disease, since it is directly related to various kidney problems, to diabetes, ulcer and many other internal diseases.

Therefore, the purpose of alkaline diet is to bring the pH to normal and also to help people lose weight, not through caloric deficit, but by replacing some other acidic foods with alkaline foods.

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet is a modern one which was born from the desire / need for people to treat gastric hyperacidity and prevent or postpone as much problems caused by acidosis.

Alkaline Diet plan involves creating a compound food as follows:

a) 75% alkaline foods, which have a pH greater than 7.4, as close to 8;

b) 25% acidic foods;

The Difference Between Acidic And Alkaline Foods

In terms of chemical, acidic foods are saturated with hydrogen ions, while the alkaline have a chemical structure that allows the absorption of hydrogen ions.

Normally, the internal pH (of blood) is 7.38 to 7, 52. It is vital that the pH does not drop below 7, as this may induce grade IV coma and even death of the patient.

Also, the blood does not have to have a very basic character, but only slightly alkaline, otherwise there is the risk of involuntary muscle contractions, extremely powerful and painful.

Which Foods Are Alkaline And Which Are Acidic?

In acidic food category there are all traditional foods, sodas, pastries and of course, alcoholic beverages. Chicken, beef, turkey, pasta, refined oil, pickles (very acidic!), all cookies and all derivatives of the above products have a relatively high acidity, whose value may rise or fall in depending on the mode of preparation.

In alkaline diet foods category we have:

a) cottage cheese, cucumbers and lettuce, avocado and all the vegetables and edible plants rich in chlorophyll;

b) soya milk, soya chunks, coconut, lemon, millet, beans and buckwheat;

c) seabuckthorn;

d) cold pressed oil of any kind;

Alkaline diet

Alkaline Water Is Vital For Alkaline Diet

For those who can not maintain the recommended percentage in the diet (75% alkaline foods and 25% acidic foods), it is recommended to replace drinks with alkaline water. Any water that has a pH greater than 7.7 is considered alkaline water and can be consumed in large quantities. The risk of blood pH to increase to critical values is very low​​. 2.5-3 liters of alkaline water a day should help anyone to maintain its optimum health and always help detoxify the body and cleaning of free radicals.

Smoking Is Prohibited!

Smoking is a habit that grows very much acidity in the body, which happens when we drink alcohol too. Therefore is recommended that these activities to be minimized or completely eliminated from your daily routine so that the body have all chances to remain healthy and clean. Therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited in alkaline diet.

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