Aerobic Fitness And Resistance Training

Aerobic Fitness And Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Type muscle fitness training muscle lead to increased strength and can lift objects heavier increasingly tired or not so quickly (resistance).
Making stronger muscles also cause joint protection.

The Benefits Of Resistance Training

Increases in:

– Muscular strength and endurance;
– Muscle;
– Consumption of calories;
– Bone mineral density;
– Health in general.

Decreases in:

– Glucose;
– Body fat;
– Psychological stress.

Types Of Resistance Training

Muscles become stronger through a process in 3 steps:

– Muscular stress;
– Rest of the muscles;
– Repeated muscular stress.

When muscles contract against a resilient muscles are under stress, but not a very strong stress so as to cause muscle injury. When relaxing the body rebuild muscle and connective tissue of the muscle (joints, tendons, ligaments) so that they are ready for a new effort. When stressing the same muscles repeatedly, it will become stronger and stronger.

An exercise program for creating physical resistance include:

– Basic exercises like push-ups, leg lifting and other exercises;
– Resistance exercises with elastic bands;
– Weight exercises with barbells or complex machines for lifting weights;
– Swimming, cycling and skiing are sports that increase both muscle strength and physical condition.

Before starting the exercises with weights are given a few minutes of warming up, which can be a walk or a run for a few minutes. And you have to do ​​some muscle stretching exercises.
As muscle strength increases can increase the weight to work with. Some people change their appearance to a muscular one. This may appear early or late depending on the person and the type of exercise. Increasing muscle strength is measured by the ability to do more repetitions of the exercises without encountering weight. Exercises to increase muscle strength are contraindicated in people with hypertension, heart disease or joint problems.


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