The Best Ways To Achieve That Summer Six Pack

The Best Ways To Achieve That Summer Six Pack

The days are getting lighter, and the beach will soon be calling. Many of us like to make more of an effort to get in shape for the hot season, and a summer six pack is a common target.

Best Ways To Get That Summer Six Pack

If your body’s not quite ready for summer, don’t panic. Here are some top tips to help you increase definition and achieve that beach-ready, summer six pack:

1. Select the right types of exercise

All types of exercise have benefits for your mental and physical health. However, some are more suited to building muscle mass and creating muscle definition than others.

If a six pack is a must for the summer, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing the right type of training.

Leisurely jogging and leg work is not going to cut the mustard, for example. Try to include high-intensity interval training, which burns fat quickly. Alternate cardio session with weights to sculpt your abs.

Target your stomach during your workouts with specific stretches and exercises. Effective examples include crunches, oblique twists and sit ups. Focus on exercises that strengthen your core muscles.

30-Day Summer Six Pack Challenge

2. Self-help

There are lots of very minor adjustments you can make to the way you do everyday things to increase definition in your abdominal muscles:

  • Breathe in deeply before you lift a weight and then relax when you inhale.
  • Tense your stomach muscles before you start a set of lunges or squats.
  • Hold your stomach muscles in for 10 seconds when you’ve got time to kill and release and repeat.

Tense Abdominal Muscles

3. Eat Properly

There’s no point in hitting the gym hard if you’re going to get home and indulge in calorific foods and drinks. You need to balance working out with healthy eating.

  • If you’re eager to increase muscle mass, opt for a high-protein diet.
  • Avoid fad diets, which cut out carbohydrates, because your body needs fuel.
  • Monitor your intake of sugar, saturated fats and salt.
  • Drink plenty of water and consider adding supplements to your diet. Vitamin C helps to boost immunity and enables the body to use fat as an energy source.
  • Ask your personal trainer for advice about taking supplements. They can also provide you with recommendations for the best natural testosterone booster and protein powders.

Eating Properly For A Six Pack

4. Sleep

Sleep is essential for effective, productive workouts. Your body needs sleep to rest and recover, especially after a hard session. You should see your doctor if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis.

Long-term sleep deprivation can increase your risk of developing infections and illnesses. It will also cause your energy levels to drop. Try and establish a sleep routine and take time to unwind and relax during the evenings.

Avoid late-night workouts, as exercise stimulates your body and mind. Try to exercise in the morning or early afternoon.

Sleep For Summer Six Pack

If you’re panicking about hitting the beach with a less than perfect summer six pack, don’t. You’ve got plenty of time to shape up and tone up those abs. Focus on your training, try and eat healthily and switch up your usual workout regime. Concentrate on your core and you’ll be beach-ready in no time.

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I really wanna get back in shape for the summer