6 Dieting Tricks That Work Wonders Quickly

6 Dieting Tricks That Work Wonders Quickly

There are certain dieting tricks that work very quickly if you’re trying to lose weight. These dieting tricks are really common sense though when you consider the benefits you’ll get from them.

Anytime you start to feel your jeans get tight, or just don’t like the way you look in your clothes anymore, try a few of these dieting tricks to get you back on track.

Even healthy eaters can lose their focus and eat too much of the wrong foods. These dieting tricks can also improve your insulin levels, reduce bloating, and even help digestion too.

Pick whichever ones sound relevant to your life and try a few this week. I’d love to know how they work for you!

Dieting Tricks With Fast Results

These dieting tricks will help you lose weight fast and maintain a healthy, prosperous lifestyle:

1. Reduce Starchy Carbs

This little tip is one of the oldest and most tried and true dieting tricks out there.

It’s not rocket science since we all know starchy carbs lead to weight gain. Yet with trendy foods like sprouted grain bread, red potatoes, beans, couscous, and the new “it” grain, freekah, we might lose sight quickly of how many starches we’re really eating.

You don’t need an excess of starches, no matter how healthy the source is you’re choosing. One or two a day should do, but if you want to lose weight, make it just one or even zero.

Choose non-starchy vegetables, and high protein and low starch grains like rolled oats or quinoa as your main choices.

2. Eliminate Most All Fruit Sugars

Fruit seems so healthy in so many ways, but it can be one of the reasons you gain weight. Fruit in itself is full of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for you, but it will quickly lead to belly bloat and even belly weight gain when you eat more than you need.

The reason is the type of sugar found in fruit, known as fructose. Fructose is only needed in certain amounts by the body, and then the rest gets converted to excess fat by the liver.

High fructose fruits should be avoided, while low fructose fruits can be eaten in small amounts.

Low fructose fruits include raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, acai berries, goji berries, yellow bananas (not brown), papaya, and oranges.

3. Increase Lean Protein

Increasing lean protein has been found to effectively help increase weight loss and improve lean muscle.

Increasing your lean protein by just 10% might be all the edge you need to improve your metabolism quickly.

Protein takes more metabolic work to digest than any other macronutrient, and the more your metabolism has to work, the better for your weight loss.

Be sure you choose good, clean sources of lean protein though. You should always be kind to your body when choosing what foods to give it.

Increasing your protein at each meal and snack by just adding ¼ the amount more than you normally eat should do the trick. This can also help keep you fuller longer and maintain better insulin function.

4. Eat When You’re Hungry

Never skip meals when it comes to losing weight. This will backfire quickly, and cause your insulin to spike, which increases the cortisol in your body, leading to fat storage.

Cortisol, your stress hormone, is the first hormone your body sends out when it senses it’s under stress, including when you’re hungry and your insulin surges.

Cortisol also triggers your body to store fat as a survival mechanism for the stress its under.

So eat when you’re hungry and quit ignoring your hunger pains! Eat three meals and two snacks throughout the day as you need them.

5. Dieting Tricks: Watch Your Fats

Yes, healthy fats should be eaten and yes, I love them, but when it comes to weight loss, be sure you watch how much you’re eating. They are easy to overdo.

In fact, one of the best ways to gain weight is to increase your healthy fats. So, have 1 or 2 tablespoons a day at the most, but no more if you’re really trying to lose weight.

This includes nut butters, oils, avocados, and nuts. Seeds like flax, chia, and hemp are much more diet-friendly, and also have more fiber to fill you up faster.

6. Decide On Dairy

Most people find ditching dairy can help them lose weight, but some find fat-free dairy like Greek yogurt actually helps them lose.

So, decide what works for you. If dairy digests well for you, choose the leanest option – this being organic, fat-free Greek yogurt.

Avoid milk, cheese, and most other dairy products if you want to lose weight though.

Choose unsweetened almond milk instead of milk, and avoid any dairy products with added sugar.

I also suggest avoiding vegan cheeses and vegan dairy products outside of unsweetened almond milk. Most of them are high in preservatives, excess fat or sugar, and a lot of fillers.

These are some of the best dieting tricks to help you lose weight that doesn’t require a fancy plan or a lot of thought. Implement some of these into your routine, and you should notice the weight start to come off quickly.

Most importantly of all, please remember, sugar is not your friend. So kick all sugar and alcohol out of your diet and increase your intake of veggies, lean protein, and eat some healthy fats and some healthy starches.

This will give you a better quality of life, a leaner body, and improve your metabolism and mood.

Do you have a safe and effective dieting trick that’s worked wonders for you?

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