101 Ways To Lose A Pound: Pick, Follow, Repeat

101 Ways To Lose A Pound: Pick, Follow, Repeat

Did you ever wonder why diets rarely do work? I know you want to lose weight fast but instead of racing to the finish line (whether it be to lose 5 pounds or 50) try a more strategic way and a more realistic goal like losing one pound. Then repeat this small process.

Choose your favorite from these 101 tips (or try them all over the course of a few weeks/months/years) to lose a pound at a time, so that when you’re at the finish line you’ll have the body shape you’ve always wanted.

32 Ways To Lose A Pound Exercising

It is well known that to lose a pound of fat, you need to burn about 3,500 calories, or to eat about 3,500 calories less. Here are 32 workouts that burn 500 calories, so mix 7 of them (or repeat one workout for 7 times) every day for a week to lose a pound. Then repeat this process until you get to your desired weight.

For every workout, calories burned are based on a 125 pound woman.

1. 45-minute jog at a 10-minute mile pace;

2. 60-minute cycling session;

3. 90 minutes on the elliptical;

4. 50 minutes on the Stairmaster;

5. 70 minutes of resistance training (lifting weights);

6. 45-minute breaststroke swim;

7. 45 minutes of treading water;

8. 120-minute walk at a moderate pace;

9. 60-minute Zumba class;

10. 120-minute Power Yoga class;

11. 90-minute Pilates class;

12. 60-minute Barre class, which is a ballet-inspired class that promises to slim and tone the body with pulsing movements that target the lower body, core and arms;

13. 60 minutes of dancing (professional or just for fun in a club);

14. 65 minutes on the ski slopes;

15. 50 minutes of cross country skiing;

16. 40-minute jumping rope;

17. 70-minute fist fight with the punching bag;

18. 3 hours of shopping, but make sure to skip the escalators and hit the stairs;

19. 50 minutes of hula hooping, which burns 10 calories per minute;

20. 50 minutes of shoveling snow;

21. 40 minutes of martial arts;

22. 40 minutes on the rock climbing wall;

23. 50-minute beach volleyball game. The sand’s unstable surface helps you burn more calories in a shorter time frame.

24. 60 minutes on the rowing machine;

25. 90-minute ride on horse back;

26. 90-minute kayak ride;

27. 150-minute golfing, but make sure you carry the clubs!

28. 150-minute hike;

29. 2-hour round of tennis;

30. 45 minutes of jumping rope;

31. 60 minutes surfing;

32. 150-minute bowling;

Lose A Pound Exercising

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