10 Proven Weight Loss Shortcuts For Effective Results

10 Proven Weight Loss Shortcuts For Effective Results

Transform your body effortlessly with these 10 safe and simple weight loss shortcuts. No mess, fuss, or complications are guaranteed!

Are you looking for some weight loss shortcuts to burn excess fat and get slim? Well, I will not suggest taking any weight loss supplements or diet pills.

Rather, I’ll give you some quick and easy tricks that will help you slim down without much effort.

I really love this quote: “Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body.” Unfortunately, I don’t know who said it, but if you do, let me know in the comments.

As this quote says, you must change your mindset in order to get healthier. You can do this by ditching unhealthy habits and replacing them with new, healthier ones.

So let’s take a look over ten habits that promote weight loss. Oh, and they’re all backed by scientific studies.

10 Safe And Healthy Weight Loss Shortcuts For A Slimmer You

If you want to know what type of fitness tricks can actually help you to lose weight in a safe manner, just take a look at these ten weight loss shortcuts:

1. Stop Drinking Alcohol

The most powerful weight loss trick is to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, especially beers

It is tough to quit drinking, but once you stop drinking, you will get effective results in just a month. If you’re a regular drinker, this will help you slim down faster than any other thing.

Of course, this does not mean you have to quit for a lifetime. Once you get effective results, you can slowly start drinking in little amounts. Just think how much you were supposed to drink before and subtract a little from that.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

You should drink plenty of water if you want to lose weight

You must have read this many times because it really works. Our bodies get dehydrated, and this creates hunger. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to reduce your appetite.

Drinking water will keep your body hydrated, so aim to drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water every day. If you fail to reach there, just do your best.

3. Spend Less, But More Efficient Time In The Gym

Make the time you're spending in the gym efficient by incorporating interval training

Interval training is said to be one of the best ways to use your time at the gym. Here the fact is that doing a certain type of exercise after short intervals can actually help you to burn more calories and enhances your fitness level in less time.

Doing exercise in short intervals will give you a better result than working out at a steady pace. So choose smart!

4. Take Caffeine

Coffee is known to promote weight loss as long as is unsweetened and not consumed in excess

Coffee can be a great tool to slim down. This helps in increasing the level of fatty acids in the bloodstream, so you can exercise more intensely and for a longer period of time.

Caffeine also helps to suppress your appetite. It is one of the best weight loss shortcuts to start your day.

5. Sleep In

Restful sleep is one of the most powerful weight loss shortcuts

This is said to be one of the easiest ways to slim down. All you need to do is to log eight hours of peaceful sleep. Most people don’t know that sleep directly affects the hormones that control your satiety and hunger.

By clocking eight hours of sleep every night, we can keep our body’s hormones balanced and appetite in control.

6. Don’t Eat After 8 PM


Your favorite snacks (think crackers and cheese) shouldn't be consumed after 8 PM

You don’t need to follow any special diet plan or go to the gym every day; you just don’t eat after 8 p.m. Eating snacks after dinner also adds extra calories.

However, snacking after dinner is not because you feel hungry, but probably because you are stressed, bored, or because it’s already a habit.

7. Include Protein And Fiber Rich Food In Your Meal

Fiber and protein goes along with a healthy diet

Rather than counting on calories, it is better to count on protein and fiber-rich food.

Studies have proved that protein-rich food helps to shed extra pounds, and the nutrients contained in the food make you feel full after every meal.

8. Eat Whole Foods

There aren't weight loss shortcuts simpler than this: eat whole fruits and legumes!

When you start eating whole foods, it means you are eating the food in its natural state. Basically, you should avoid as much as possible any processed food and opt for foods as close as possible to their natural state.

For example, instead of a glass of apple juice, eat an apple. Or instead of consuming mashed potatoes from the store, bake or boil yourself a few potatoes at home.

9. Eat Eggs For Breakfast

Start your day with an egg-packed breakfast

Research has shown that when you start your day with 1-2 eggs, you can lose up to 70% more calories during the day. The reason behind this is that eggs help to increase satiety and reduce food intake for the entire day.

10. Make Your Snack Time Healthy

Have healthy snacks around you

If you eat chocolate bars during your snack time, and your gym partner eats a handful of nuts, he/she will lose more weight than you by the end of the year. This is a fact!

The perfect snack is a handful of nuts or dried fruits. It is not only high in nutrients but also satisfies your sugar cravings.

The Takeaway

Now it should be clear that losing weight is not about spending hours at the gym or rigorously counting every calorie.

A healthy and sustainable weight loss is just about avoiding sweets and alcohol, exercising regularly, eating plenty of veggies and fruits, sleeping well, and hydrating properly. That’s it. It’s all you need to get fit and healthy.

These ten weight loss shortcuts can be used by people to keep their bodies in shape without facing any mess, fuss, or complications.

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